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Yohann Moreno / Pigato 2019

12.5 alc.
Grape: Vermentino

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The name “Pigato” means “freckles” in the Ligurian dialect. Because it is a variety of Vermentino with freckles!
Pigato is a maceration wine, from a tenant parcel Yohann was renting (but it was bothersome so he stopped now, as he told us)!

The making of this wine is a bit rocky!
After the harvest, grapes were put into a refrigerated container, and when Yohann wanted to press them, his press broke.
He waited 6 days to have his new press, and during those days the wines waited too into the container.
So Yohann decided to make a maceration wine as a test.

The label is made by a graphic designer, Yohann wanted a modern, fresh and unique feeling for this cuvee which is probably the first and last Pigato!


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