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Opi D’Aqui / Poupoule 2018

100% Piquepoul

A south white which doesn’t taste like a south white!

A refreshing and mineral Picpoul, with aromas of apple juice and lemon curd.

Touch of anise on the finish.

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Why this name?

The original name was Pique poule, but the official Picpoul de pinet appelation syndicate forbid Philippe to use this name (like a copyright infringement), so Philippe had no choice but to rename it. So it became Poupoule.

How was this cuvée born?

A fierce urge to work with this emblematic Languedoc grape.

Grapes were hand-harvested, then stored in a cold chamber before direct press.

Then it spent 6 months in barrels and stainless steel tanks, and bottled without filtration.