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Opi d’Aqui / Massale 2018

40% Grenache noir, 30% Grenache gris, 30% Grenache blanc

An interesting balance between a red and rosé.
Beautiful cloudy red color, cherries, a little funky, terribly addictive.

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Why this name? 

The name comes from the technique of the sélection massale, a French wine growing term for the practice of replanting new vineyards with cuttings from exceptional old vines from the same property. Massal Selection is what they call the “old way” of propagating vineyards. 

This Grenache vineyard has been operated with this technique, hence the choice of the name.

How was this cuvée born? 

The uniqueness of this vineyard is that all the 3 different Grenache types are cohabitating on the same plot. So in the vinification process, Philippe didn’t separate the grapes : he harvested them together (by hand) and blended them together from start to finish, as it is.

The grapes then undergo carbonic maceration for 3-4 months before being transferred to a stainless steel tank for 6 months.