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Lolita Sene / Mise en Bouche 2020

13 alc.

Red wine

Grapes: grenache noir, grenache blanc, grenache gris, clairette rose, clairette blanche, cinsault.

Fresh, smooth and easy to drink. A lovely mise en bouche to start your meal!

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It’s a 5-day carbonic maceration.

Fermentation in tank.

Lolita harvested this parcel at Roquemaure with Nicolas Renaud of the Clos des Grillons. They shared the production.

It was an amazing day of harvest with 20 grape pickers dancing in the vines, with a ghetto blaster, very high vibes like the wine. It’s Lolita’s first assemblage cuvée, as she usually prefers to produce mono-cépage (one grape variety only wine).

Mise en Bouche was her first wine in 2008, and first primeur, so she’s happy to have produced it again!