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Lolita Sene / Mise en Bec 2020

13 alc.

Orange wine

Grape: 80% Sauvignon, 20% Syrah

A very original skin contact wine, with notes of saffron and exotic fruits.

On the palate rich, dry, and smooth.

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It’s a ten-day carbonic maceration of sauvignon, picked at Valentin Valles wineyard in Vallabrix, and of Syrah grapes from Lolita’s wineyard.

Both grapes are directly pressed. Fermentation in barrels.

Lolita loves this white/orange wine, because it looks/smells exactly the way she wanted it to be.

The name “Mise en Bec” is an echo of the red cuvée “Mise en bouche”, but with a reference to birds (bec means beak) because Valentin Valles’ cuvées have bird’s names.

Bottled at the beginning of November, the wine is unfiltered, unfined, and received zero sulphur. Organic


Skin contact