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Lolita Sene / Kiffe Kiffe 2019

100% Ugni blanc

Hard to describe, elusive and complex, really glouglou (really light, un bit under 11% of alcohol). Tastes of peach and melon in the mouth.

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Why this name? 

During the fermentation process, the wine stayed as it is, not moving or changing a bit. In french, the slang “kif-kif” means “roughly the same”, and the verb “kiffer” means “to like”. So she made a combination of the two to create this cuvée’s name.

Then, one day there was an accident with the stainless steel tank air chamber, and the wine was exposed to the outside for one night. There was a bit of oxidation so Lolita freaked out, but since it was bottled it began to evolve pretty well, so she likes it more and more.

How was this cuvée born? 

Part of the grapes were macerated for 8 days, and the other part was directly pressed after harvest. The maceration part was unwanted – she just didn’t have the time to press the whole bunch of grapes because she was too busy with harvesting.


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