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Lolita Sene / Fare Niente 2021

12 alc.
Orange wine
Grape: Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Vermentino and Viognier

Collaboration cuvée with Nicolas Renaud.
They choose the name “Fare niente” (sweetness of doing nothing in italian), because following their baby’s birth in august 2020, and after the vendange they thought they would be able to take it easy.
But in the end, it became “fare niente” because they could not do anything else than take care of their baby!

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All grapes come from Nicolas Reynaud (Clos des Grillons) vineyard.
Lolita vinified the Grenache blanc and Clairette, and Nico vinified the Vermentino and Viognier.
Grenache oxidizes very quickly, so it’s tricky to macerate, and Nico never succeeded doing Grenache blanc maceration.
But this time, Lolita succeeded where he failed. So it was awesome for Nico, and it triggered the idea for this cuvee.

Collaboration cuvée with Nicolas Renaud, 10-day macération for
Lolita, 11 days for Nico.