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L’Etranger / Babel 2019

11.60 alc.

Grape: Grenache blanc and Grenache gris (70 and 40 years old vines)

Beautiful white wine, well balanced with floral notes, fresh and mineral, we love it!

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The name “Babel” comes from the movie of the same name from the producer Alejandro Iñarritu in 2006.

The harvest was made on august 2019 by hand in small crates.

Direct press, fermentation is made with indigeneous yeasts only in stainless steel tanks.

Then, aging in barrels from march to may 2020.

This cuvee is unfiltered, with no fining, no added So2.

Babel is an important movie for Laura, the wife of Paulo.

This is the movie she used for her thesis at La Sorbonne University un Paris.

This movie talks about diversity,differences,mutual understanding and reconciliation.

The vineyard where the Babel grapes were harvested is an old vineyard with various cépages (Grenache Blanc and Gris, Macabeu, Carignan, Clairette, Grenache noir). Those cépages are like different languages which cohabit on the same place.

In the Babel tower story, the languages are scattered all around the world, so it’s like those vines.



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