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Le Petit Oratoire / T’as poussé le bouchon trop loin – 2019

13 alc.
Grapes: Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah

A light and gourmet wine, surprisingly fresh. Its vivacity are inviting, you can drink it without thinking!

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Co-fermentation of the full grapes in a concrete tank. the grapes are slightly crowded and undergo a very short maceration (1 week), and finally a very light press in a wooden press.
Without added chemicals or So2.

The name means “you went too far”, which is a common French expression that you use while playing pétanque (the famous south of France sport). If you throw the “bouchon” (the target) too far, you say “T’as poussé le bouchon trop loin”.
The label represents a pétanque game with pétanque balls.