Inebriati / Patus 2021

Grape: Grenache noir, 7% mourvedre
12.5 alc

This is the second millesime for this cuvee.
The winemaker, Victor, wanted to produce a light red cuvee so he harvested the grapes early to avoid getting too much sugar.

Because he had a lot of Mourvedre juice this year, he added a bit to Patus just to get a little more volume. It doesn’t really impact the overall taste.
This is a glouglou red, very light and drinkable, with a nice acidity.

The name Patus refers to the plot’s name.

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Originally, Victor wanted to make a new millesime of his Grenache3 cuvee (which is a blend of 3 differents plots of Grenache), but when he vinified one of the plots’ grapes
the juice was so good that he decided to keep it like this and not make a blend with other grapes this time.
The two other plot’s grenache ended in the cuvee Drya.

After hand-harvesting the grapes, the unstemmed grapes undergo carbonic maceration for 6-7 days, and then are pressed and bottled.