Inebriati / Drya 2018

30% Syrah, 60% Cinsault, 10% Grenache

Far from the classical full-bodied, strong tannins of Pic Saint Loup wines, this cuvée is really fresh and smooth. Juicy in the mouth, it tastes like red fruits like blackberry and sour cherry. which gives a nice fresh feeling. Supple tannins, nice smooth texture.

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Why this name?

Drya is the trees nymph.

How was this cuvée born?

This cuvée was originally produced by his father, Christophe, the owner of the Beauthorey Domain. Victor took it over in 2011 and now produces it under his Domain’s name, Inebriati.

It’s pretty unusual to blend Syrah and Cinsault into a cuvée, and that is something that Victor really likes and wants to keep.