Domain Cotze / Monastrell 2020

Grape: Mourvèdre
11.0 alc.

Soft nose, aromas of blueberry and blackcurrant. A little texture, and a nice acidity. It’s a light red (11%), but with lots of personality. It’s rare to find Mourvedre wines as light and fresh as this one!


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Mourvèdre grapes came from the plateau d’Opoul in the Roussillon.
Both young and old vines (50 years) are cohabiting.
Unstemmed grapes undergo carbonic maceration for 3 days, then pressed and bottles in spring after malolactic fermentation.

The artist which has created the label is a Breton artist living in the Roussillon. It’s a woodcut creation.
The mountain pictured is the Puigmal (a mountain in the Pyrenees, in the Spanish-French border)and the Err valley, which is home to Wilfried vineyard.

There were only 15 woodcuts which were sold, with benefits reversed to the Mediterranean sea protection association.