Clos Mathélisse / Exorde 2017

90% Cinsault et 10% Syrah


David likes the freshness and the fruitiness, and favors drinkability with light to medium bodied red wines. In that aspect, he definitely doesn’t produce traditional Languedoc’s wines.

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Why this name? 
Exorde is the name of this first cuvée, when he established himself as a winemaker.

In French, “Exorde” means introduction, preamble. So this wine is his introduction as a producer.

How was this cuvée born?
David, the winemaker, wanted to find a good balance between the two cépages, giving texture and roundness with the Syrah, but keeping the freshness and lightness of the Cinsault. So he did lots of tests to reach a satisfying result, and only kept 10% of Syrah coupled with a short macération.