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Clos Mathélisse / De but en blanc 2018

100% clairette
This wine has an interesting minerality, which is rare in the Languedoc. This is due to the specificity of the local grape, “Clairette”, and to the producer’s style. David likes the style of Loire’s wines, so he challenges himself trying to reproduce it.

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Why this name? 
The name comes from the very short and straightforward fermentation process, as the Clairette’s natural yeasts are really quick at work. So David named the cuvée “De but en blanc”, which means “straightforward” in French.

How was this cuvée born? 
From 2017, he started to do tests with only 8 days of macération, and he thought it was the perfect timing for the Clairette. From this moment on, he kept doing it this way.