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Balansa / Versicolore 2019

14 alc.

Grape: 100% Carignan

Vin de France

Don’t be fooled by the monocépage Carignan, this is an extremely fragrant and berry-ish cuvée, with oh-so-smooth tanins! A really beautiful wine.

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« Versicolore » means « changing colors ». They chose this name because originally they wanted this cuvée to change every year.

When they started before 2018, they wanted it to be a blend of the best grapes for each vintage.

But since 2018 they made it a 100% Carignan cuvée, because they are inspired by their hundred years old Carignan vines.

« Versicolore » is vinified in carbonic maceration.

They stay in concrete tanks for 16 days, then in oak barrels.