About Us

Vins du Midi is a independent natural wine merchant based in Japan.

About Vins du Midi

We are an independent wine merchant. We sell a carefully chosen selection of natural and low intervention wines from south of France to Japan.

We began as a wine blog in 2018, talking about natural wines and where to drink them. Eventually, this passion for the wine world grew on us and lead us to start importing our beloved bottles in 2020. About our name, the term Midi derives from mi (middle) and di(day) in Old French, and this is a geographic denomination for the South of France. As our name suggests, we exclusively import wines from an area running from Toulouse to Marseille. This name is an homage to the hometown region of one of the founders, Marion, who was born near Montpellier (Herault Prefecture).

The Team

A french-japanese married couple, Marion and Tomoki, and a partner based in the sunny Roussillon, Marc.

Marion is responsible of taking great care of the wine producers, and is also the creative head behind Vins du Midi’s brandng.
Tomoki is the brain behind the logistics, but is also responsible of the oh so important commercial relationships in Japan. 
Marc is a wine expert, restaurateur, and socialite in the natural wine world. 

As wine lovers, we thrive to share our passion with selecting the best wines and deliver it to the Japanese market.

We also wish to encourage every wine lover out there to discover the importance of sustainable, responsible drinking.

We respect our customers

We only import and sell minimal intervention wines, made from organic grapes, vinified with indigeneous yeasts, without added So2 or with just a tiny amount at botlling.

We respect our winemakers

We respect and promote the hard work of our producers, who are fighting against all odds in order to follow their beliefs and offer the best grapes for your wines.

We respect our wines

The wines we sell are carefully selected, and gently taken care of during all the long travel from South of France to Japan, making all the trip in reefer trucks and containers.